VIP Vacation Planning Agency

White Peacock is a new VIP Vacation Planning Agency that targets the upper crust of Indian people that wish to cruise in Greece in the utmost luxury.

The White Peacock concept is the creative expression of an insight dictating that people of such wealth and status, consider themselves as extremely unique. We demonstrate this uniqueness through the most exceptional bird of all, the white peacock, the most stunning peacock of all.

Our logo is simple, but at the same time magical. We use the “eye” that is found on the bird’s feathers in the center of the logo, along with lines that imitate the feathers of the peacock in order to capture our viewers and expose them to the idea of being unique. Our slogan emphasizes even more on the fact that we provide premium services directed at these very few people that want to experience the seldom seen Greece.

Year: 2017
Categories: Branding, Design, Corporate Identity, VIP Traveling Agency