The Philanthropist
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Green Olive Oil

Since the dawn of time the olive tree has been one of the greatest providers of life to Man through its fruits and the olive oil that was and is still regarded as precious for the human organism. Especially for Greece, one of the three greatest producers of olive oil in the world, the olive tree has also offered and still offers employment to thousands of Greeks that work in the harvest or the olive oil production. In fact, the olive tree is the originator of an important cultural heritage and tradition closely interweaved with Greeks’ life.

The Philanthropist Olive Oil brand idea honours this Greek heritage by acknowledging the great benefits the olive tree has offered to human life.

The illustration highlights the main human activities regarding the olive oil production and harvest of olives while the gravure technique was chosen in order to stress the importance of olive tree’s cultural heritage. The centre is dominated by a depiction of Koroni’s castle, the birthplace of Koroneiki variety whose quality helped Greek olive oil become famous worldwide.

Year: 2017
Categories: Branding, Design, Illustrations