Chateau Kaniaris

Viticultural Manor, Mount Geraneia

Chateau Kaniaris is a winery located in Megara, West Attica at the feet of the beautiful Mount Geraneia, an area that holds a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) designation due to its exquisite terroir.

Last September, when we had the chance to visit Chateau Kaniaris we noticed that the expanse of the privately owned vineyards is so much more than just a winery.  The old grape stomping vats, the observation post, the old stream, the establishment that can host a variety of receptions, the wine making buildings, the underground cellar and of course the view of Mount Geraneia and the two seas that surround it, create to the visitor such a great impression that the simple title Chateau Kaniaris does not do justice!

Thus, we created the concept of Viticultural Manor “Chateau Kaniaris” to empower the identity of the business and highlight its multidimensional reality. We think that this strategic decision also expressed in the logotype which consists of a series of interwoven icons to help the viewer understand better the many different experiences one can enjoy when visiting the Manor.

Last but not least, the blue color was chosen as a reminder of the fact that the Manor is located between the two seas of Saronic and Corinthian Gulf.

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Photos by Yiannis Kostavaras 

Year: 2017
Categories: Winery, Corporate Identity, Website